CHS football coach resigns to focus on wife, young kids
4/15/2017 8:52 AM

CARROLLTON – After five seasons of directing the Carrollton High School football program, Head Coach Eric McCort has decided to step away from the game he loves to focus on the family he’s created.

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Carrollton’s Head football Coach Eric McCort (right) jumps in celebration with Carrollton senior Cole Russell (27) in a game against Canton South. (FPS/Jordan Miller)

“With my four kids and where they’re at right now, I missed almost every single one of my daughter’s soccer games,” said McCort. “I had a couple moments where my wife had asked if it was worth missing my own kids doing some of the things they were doing.”

“I just realized honestly that I would always be a coach, I can always get back into coaching but I only have one shot at this dad thing and I don’t want to screw it up,” McCort said. “I don’t want to look back when I’m 65 years old and wish I would have been a better father.”

Throughout McCort’s five-year stint as the Warriors’ head coach, he led Carrollton to a 26-24 record.

McCort said his decision to resign is the hardest decision he’s ever made.

“To date, this has been the hardest decision of my life,” he said. I absolutely love these kids and love the men I work with.”

“I’ve known football since I was eight, nine or 10 years old, I’ve never had a season without it. I’ve never gone a fall without football.”

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