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Coaches Corner week 6
Coaches Corner  Week 3
Jacob Knipp Interception
Coaches Corner Week 2
Free Press Standard Coaches Corner
Brody Robinson Junior Highlight Video
CHS football coach resigns to focus on wife, young kids
Author: Jordan Miller
CARROLLTON – After five seasons of directing the Carrollton High School football program, Head Coach Eric McCort has decided to step away from the game he loves to focus on the family he’s created. Carrollton’s Head football Coach Eric McCort (rig
Football Banquet
Author: Staff
Carrollton warrior parents, players and fans the banquet is Sunday November 20th starting @ 6 pm. Come enjoy the food, the awards and highlight videos. 
Warriors win battle in the trenches; snap five-game losing streak
Author: Jordan Miller
Friday night’s football game at Canton South between the Wildcats and the Carrollton Warriors was an old fashion battle in the trenches. The Warriors won the battle 20-17 on a field that was rain-soaked and muddy. Carrollton received the opening
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